Why Essay Grading Software Is Smarter Than All Of Us

Scoring essays, by nature, is a challenging part of a teacher’s job.  The process takes a great deal of time, and reading too quickly through them all inevitably results in a lack of proper attention to detail.

For generations, the education world has been resigned to the fact that this responsibility is an unavoidable part of the job, leaving teachers to manage this daunting workload on a regular basis.

Luckily, the past few decades of software development have led us to technology that not only meets the standards of expert scorers… it exceeds them.

Read on to learn more about essay grading software.


Humans vs. Artificial Intelligence

The product of thirty years of continual research and development, essay grading software is now acknowledged as an equal or better performer than expert human scorers.  Here are a few key reasons why:


a)       Consistency – Teachers work hard, but they’re constantly fighting an uphill battle against factors that can affect their scoring ability, such as fatigue, distractions and time constraints. Essay grading software is immune to these hurdles, allowing for a consistent scoring standard for every reviewed essay. For more about how automated scoring leads to superior essay grade consistency, check out this blog.

b)      Speed – Today’s essay grading software is powerful, comprehensive and ultra-quick, saving valuable time vs. the human review process.

c)       Perspective - In order to score properly, essay grading software “learns” from a set of responses previously determined by experts. This process allows the software to develop an “understanding” of the combined judgments of human scorers.

In other words, while humans score using their accumulated (and, at times, subjective) knowledge of grammar and writing techniques, essay grading software takes into account the standards of a wide variety of scoring experts to allow for a more comprehensive perspective.


We Have a Winner…

It saves time, money and a great deal of stress amongst teachers. It performs better and scores every essay using the same ever-evolving expert criteria, causing more and more experts to discuss and endorse this technology. With current and future students reaping the benefits of these advancements, the educational world is embracing this newer way of scoring.

 In 2019 and beyond, there is no doubt that essay grading software like the industry-leading IntelliMetric® is the best choice for students, teachers and educational systems of all levels. Used to score common standardized tests like the GMAT,  IntelliMetric® is now the “Gold Standard” in automated essay scoring and has graded 100-billion essays and counting.

Our next blog will discuss the connection between essay grading software and test scoring machines, focusing on standardized test preparation and scoring of those same tests.

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