Why A Paper Grader Needs To Score At Different Writing Levels

Your teachers are well-educated on how to assess what an excellent paper looks like for a 5th grade student versus a 6th grade student. If your school is investing in making your students better writers, their writing levels should progress significantly with each year they move toward graduation.

One of the common fears of implementing a paper grader is that it won’t be able to score writing as accurately as a teacher. However, this is simply not the case. Essay scoring software is as accurate, and sometimes more so, than human scoring.

Many scoring factors change depending on student writing level, including sentence complexity, syntax, and essay length. The right paper grader should be able to score writing just like a talented teacher would for the grade they teach. Let’s dive in to why this is necessary.


Students Need Positive Reinforcement


If you ever had a strict writing teacher when you were in school, you probably remember the frustration of doing your absolute best on a paper and receiving a low grade.

There’s a time and a place for holding students up to high expectations, but children can suffer from a lack of confidence if they are consistently expected to be more mature than their age level.

Scoring 5th grade students as though they were in 7th grade may prepare the most gifted students for the years ahead, but other students are bound to fall behind.

It’s important to score students at their current grade level and set reasonable expectations so that they can feel a sense of accomplishment when they meet age-appropriate goals. This way, all students can learn.


Schools Need To Give Students Structure


In most schools, you can find some students who are falling behind their grade level in their writing skills. It would be irresponsible not to assign low grades and call attention to the fact that these students need to work on their writing.

Remediation is easier with a paper grader because teachers can trust that the grades assigned are accurate for the grade year’s expected writing level. Teachers don’t have to worry about whether they’re being too hard or lenient with students – they can plainly see by the software’s assigned grade where the students are in terms of what’s expected.

Instead of spending countless hours grading papers, teachers can rely on a paper grader to do this work and spend more time creating lesson plans that address the writing deficiencies they see in their class. This more efficient use of time can make a major impact on students struggling to keep up.

Scoring essays at the appropriate grade level is the same as setting the bar for what’s expected. Students need this structure in their education to help them advance their learning year over year.


While scoring essays may seem subjective at times, a paper grader like Intellimetric knows exactly what the writing objectives are for every grade level. It doesn’t fatigue from grading essays, and it scores accurately every time. 

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