How A Scoring Tool Can Reduce Expenses For A School District

Whether you are a school principal, a Board of Education executive, or simply a tax-paying parent, you likely share one common concern: how can we give our children the best education while maintaining a sensible budget?

Lack of funding is a challenge that many school districts face. Just ask teachers, many of whom have publically voiced frustration about their low salaries via district-wide strikes or media interviews over the years.

As with many facets of our society, one solution to this ever-present issue comes in the form of evolving technology. Read on to learn how advancements in natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) are paving the way for brighter futures for our students and schools.

Artificial Intelligence Platforms Are The Future

Automated essay scoring is based on decades of research and development. Intellimetric, for example, has been used to score open-ended essay assessments since 1998. Used to score open-ended essay assessments, this technology has evolved to exceed the standards of individual experts by “learning” from a previously-determined set of combined responses provided by human scorers.

There are two significant ways in which the capabilities of an artificial intelligence platform can benefit your school district.

Time is Money

How many hours per week does an average teacher spend grading written assignments? Ask any and the most common answer is destined to be “Too many!”

 Unfortunately, this constant overload often leads to fatigue, stress, and even illness. This results in the need for overtime pay or the hiring of more substitute teachers, which are expenses that only hurt your school district’s bottom line.

What if those long hours scoring essays could be reduced to mere moments? It’s not hard to envision a staff of healthier, happier and more energized teachers providing greater value to your schools and students each day. A tool like Intellimetric is beneficial to your budget, and its positive financial impact can be felt all year long.

Building Student Skills, One Assignment At A Time

Beyond budgetary benefits, automated essay scoring accomplishes another important goal: it helps students learn how to become better writers.  Instead of exclusively focusing on grammatical and spelling, AI-driven technology goes deeper by using natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) to offer adaptive feedback.

It encourages improvements in students’ writing ability by communicating their strengths and weaknesses.

Best of all, Intellimetric evaluates any number of assignments you need – hour after hour, day after day – with the same expert standards. It isn’t affected by human variables like mood swings or fatigue, so it will always grade each paper fairly. Over time, this consistent evaluation method provides students with a path to stronger writing skills that is uncomplicated by human subjectivity.

Everybody Wins With Automated Essay Scoring

We are lucky enough to live in a time where proven artificial intelligence platforms like Intellimetric can reduce educational expenses while offering students a clear path to stronger writing skills.  

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