Why IntelliMetric Is The Most Essential HR Solution And Assessment Platform

Better writers help businesses on their path to growth and success. Writing in all its professional forms can

  • Improve internal communication
  • Boost sales
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Elevate public image

So why aren’t more companies working to help their employees improve their writing skills? In case you haven’t read too much about the topic yet, companies are investing in helping their employees to become better writers – in great numbers.

IntelliMetric is the most essential HR solution and assessment platform available to companies today. Read on to learn why.


IntelliMetric Scores Writing At Or Above Human Level Performance

When we talk about human markers vs AI-assisted markers in automated essay scoring, there is no difference in the criteria of how writing is scored.

The game-changing difference IntelliMetric offers is that it is not affected by the same problems human scorers face:

  • Fatigue
  • Human error
  • Prejudice
  • Limited time

IntelliMetric assesses employees’ or job applicants’ writing the same way a writing expert might, and lets organizations know what the writers’ strengths and weaknesses are in different categories.

In the hiring process, this can help you to hire better writers and communicators, which offers many benefits to your organization.

When assessing employees’ writing skills, IntelliMetric offers insight on how to teach employees to improve their writing and communication abilities.


Since 1997, IntelliMetric Has Been An Essential HR Solution And Assessment Platform

Sometimes, newer scoring solutions bring IO-related challenges to customer IT teams, making the software more of a hassle to use than a value to an organization.

IntelliMetric has been in the business of providing seamless writing scoring since 1997 and has graded 1 billion essays and counting.

Instead of risking technical problems in the process of implementing automated scoring, it’s wise to choose a company that has the implementation process perfected.


Has your organization considered automated writing scoring? Or is the idea a new one? Companies all over the world trust IntelliMetric for scoring their professional writing samples.

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