Why Artificial Intelligence Scoring Machines Are Not Biased

IntelliMetric® is scientifically proven to score writing at or above the level of human expert scorers. But did you know one of its most powerful advantages is being fair?

Evaluating writing is more challenging when you know or have met the writer. Bias can play in unintentionally, even if processes are in place to prevent this from happening.

Read on to learn how IntelliMetric® can help prevent bias in schools and in the workplace.

In Schools

One of the biggest hurdles for teachers is going home after work to more work - grading papers.

Teachers can run out of focus due to the high volume of grading and give students they think are talented writers better grades.

What happens if a student has been working on their writing, and their skills improve? A tired teacher might not recognize this after hours of grading, but IntelliMetric® would - because it has no prior conception of the student.

In Job Hiring

Age, gender, and ethnicity can sometimes lead to bias when evaluating writing samples in job applications. These factors are engrained in society and not always transparent to everyone.

IntelliMetric® does not recognize any of these factors and scores written applications in line with research-based criteria that signifies great writing.

Irrelevant types of knowledge work against evaluating writing. IntelliMetric® provides high-quality, reliable, and consistent scores based on the criteria that shows whether the writer has achieved mastery of this important skill.

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