IntelliMetric's Global Impact On Testing

The best way to test a job applicant’s or student’s writing ability is to request a fresh writing sample. Unfortunately, whether you are in charge of a vast school system or running a multi-level company, providing grades for every essay or piece of work becomes a massive drain on your time.

Leaders in academia, corporations, and government alike need to ensure that everyone in their organization is a capable communicator—but how is anyone supposed to read several hundred writing samples in addition to their standard workflow?

That is why IntelliMetric is an international game-changer for automated essay-scoring. It displays one of the most interesting applications of AI and Natural Language Understanding (NLU): evaluating without the risk of bias, unreliable raters, or cost.

What’s IntelliMetric?

Unveiled in 1997, IntelliMetric was the first Artificial Intelligence platform to achieve human-level essay-scoring. Through Natural Language Processing and machine learning, the software graded both short- and long-form writing with both human awareness and superhuman speed. IntelliMetric also provided feedback on English writing in multiple languages.

Since its inception, IntelliMetric has graded over 100 billion essays through its mobile-friendly, web-based interface, proving itself as the best Artificial Intelligence software available. It’s been professionally analyzed by multiple teams, and IntelliMetric continually demonstrates superiority to human raters.1, 2

If the time-saving potential sounds appealing—but the technology sounds too good to be true—consider IntelliMetric’s track record over the past two decades.

From academic institutions to international governments, IntelliMetric is changing how writing feedback is provided all over the world. Here are a few notable examples of the software’s success, including IntelliMetric’s recent partnership with the United Nations.

United Nations

In recent news, IntelliMetric has forged its highest profile partnership yet—a contract with the United Nations (UN).

Thanks to IntelliMetric, UN personnel’s testing is faster, more reliable, and blind to both gender and race, ensuring unbiased decisions. The UN partnership takes IntelliMetric to previously unseen global heights in both reach and impact. You can read more about IntelliMetric’s partnership with the UN in our brochure here:  (

While the UN partnership is a massive step forward for IntelliMetric, the software has gained exciting partners since its introduction.

Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER)

When scoring the Online Writing Assessment for Adults (OWA), the Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER) trusts IntelliMetric to make the right call.3 Unlike a human grader, IntelliMetric doesn’t get tired, overwhelmed, or distracted.

IntelliMetric was trained by a set of over 300 high-quality scripts for each OWA prompt, equipping the software with a broad understanding of what constitutes an excellent OWA essay.

ACER has trusted IntelliMetric’s AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to accurately assess OWA submissions since 2017.

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is the first and only standardized test particularly written for graduate business and management programs. It includes an Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section, making IntelliMetric the ideal solution for consistent, timely feedback.

Through a partnership with Pearson VUE, GMAT delivers its exam to over 400 testing centers, 1,500 business schools, and nearly 100 countries—all of which depend upon IntelliMetric to recognize quality writing.4

Wonderlic Inc.

Extending well beyond academia, IntelliMetric scores essays for over 75,000 organizations, government agencies, and accrediting bodies through Wonderlic Inc.5

The software is trusted for its observations on both structure and content. Examples of structure analyzed include:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Capitalization
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence completeness

On the other hand, examples of content analyzed include:

  • Vocabulary
  • Elaboration
  • Word choice
  • Unity
  • Single point of view

Yayasan Kahzanah in Malaysia

IntelliMetric’s most recent (but certainly not last) partnership is with Yayasan Kahzanah, the sovereign wealth fund of Malaysia.

The Malaysian government uses IntelliMetric to filter thousands of scholarship applicants while giving every individual a fair chance at standing out from the crowd.

IntelliMetric will likely partner with other nations’ scholarship programs in a similar capacity in the future.

Sharpen Your Testing Capabilities With IntelliMetric

All over the world, IntelliMetric is changing how essay feedback is created and provided, crossing boundaries of language, nationality, and more to provide fair scores wherever they’re needed.

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