How IntelliMetric Prepares Students For Real-World Writing

Literacy and writing are perhaps the most important skills students learn in school. Comprehension versus the lack of comprehension will make a difference for the rest of their lives. Students need to be prepared to write well in college and their careers. How can IntelliMetric help districts prepare students for real-world writing challenges? Read on to learn more.


College Writing

Many colleges accept students who don’t have the writing skills they need to graduate with a higher education degree. By the time they are in college, students will struggle to learn critical reading and writing skills on top of their course load.

Rather than jeopardize their students’ college education, districts around the world are implementing IntelliMetric to improve student literacy and teach them how to write in preparation for a higher education degree.

IntelliMetric provides an instant breakdown of accurate, consistent scores so that teachers can identify where their students are struggling and teach to the rubric. While teachers are able to grade papers to a rubric themselves, it’s very time-consuming, and IntelliMetric allows them to assign more writing practice.


Career Writing

Many students will go on to work in settings where writing skills are required. Whether it is simply writing emails or writing work presentations, jobs demand writing skills today.

IntelliMetric can help students learn how to write persuasively with a powerful command of grammar, structure, and other writing rules. It is essential that students learn how to write in their K-12 education when they will enter the workforce after not too long.


Are students in your district behind on their reading skills and writing skills? IntelliMetric can help. See how an AI essay-scoring software that returns instant, accurate scores can transform student comprehension and give students the skills they need to succeed beyond graduation.

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