5 Ways AI is Revolutionizing Hiring Practices

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is revolutionizing countless industries around the world. Automated essay scoring is arguably the most exciting.

Through natural language processing and machine learning, Artificial Intelligence platforms score essays with greater speed, accuracy, and specificity than any human grader could. That’s why companies and organizations worldwide trust IntelliMetric to streamline their hiring processes.

IntelliMetric is the best Artificial Intelligence software on the market, and it’s taking effective hiring practices to the next level.

Read on to discover five ways that IntelliMetric’s AI is revolutionizing hiring practices.

Finding Candidates At The Right Time

First, AI is uniquely qualified to identify strong job candidates from new or previously-collected application pools.

“AI-enabled tools can continuously monitor huge databases of passive candidates and identify signals that predict a candidate’s readiness for a new opportunity. This increases both the available talent pool for a given position and the engagement rates with those candidates.”1

IntelliMetric’s processing power allows the system to process large numbers of potential candidate profiles in very little time, identifying the strongest entries from the very beginning. This saves recruiters an immense amount of both time and effort.

Analyzing Applications

Second, IntelliMetric is the fastest way to accurately analyze multiple applications.

“AI can be used to save recruiters a ton of time by preselecting the best candidates for a given position. Instead of humans having to skim through hundreds or thousands of resumes, an AI could be unleashed to sort the wheat from the chaff.”2

Artificial Intelligence can even compare prospective applicants against existing employees, identifying those who share common characteristics with your company’s current, successful members.3 That level of specific, insightful analysis simply couldn’t be replicated by a human hiring manager.

Natural Language Processing

Thirdly, as technology advances, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Understanding (NLU) have multiple applications. IntelliMetric’s job candidate analysis is undeniably among the most exciting.

“Among other things, NLP can help on resume classification, ranking, deep extraction, identification and semi-automation in the recruitment process.”4

IntelliMetric can even analyze responses to talent and personality assessments. Through NLP and NLU, IntelliMetric clearly identifies the best job applicants in less time and with less hassle.

Reducing Bias

A fourth (often unsung) benefit of Artificial Intelligence is its ability to reduce bias in hiring practices.

“Whether explicit or implicit, stereotypes and personal biases are something to which even the most conscientious recruiters can fall prey. AI helps level the playing field by allowing for blind applicant screening.”6

Unlike a human hiring manager, IntelliMetric is oblivious to race, ethnicity, gender, or other demographic factors that could prompt subconscious bias. IntelliMetric is more than the fastest, most accurate way to assess job applicants—it’s also the most fair.

Increasing Recruiting Efficiency

Fifth and finally, Artificial Intelligence can be used to evaluate and filter out job candidates before their names even get to the Human Resources office.  

As an example, one large India-based Corporation frequently recruits team members at career fairs and trade shows, often collecting up to 5,000 resumes per event. In order to narrow down the pool of candidates, this company sets up laptop stations on location and uses IntelliMetric to conduct brief writing evaluations with all applicants.  

By using this tactic to immediately assess each candidate’s writing ability, companies can focus their interviewing and recruiting efforts on the most valuable potential additions to the team. Your company will benefit from a higher quality of applicants that you’ll be able to depend on when recruiting new employees.

Get IntelliMetric Today

Whether you’re analyzing job applicants, identifying which demographics to target for future interest, or simply trying to eliminate bias, IntelliMetric is the best way to supercharge your hiring process. 

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